Lee County Schools Return to In-Person Learning

June 9, 2021

Lee County Schools Return to In-Person Learning

It is the intention for Lee County Schools to return to normal operations for 2021-2022 school year.  All students are expected to return to traditional in-person learning.  The first day of school for students is scheduled for Monday, August 9, 2021.  Each local school will publish specific dates and guidance for pre-opening of school activities such as open house, schedule retrieval, and meet-the-teacher nights.  You are encouraged to periodically check you school’s website for important dates, times, and information. 

Lee County Schools will not offer a full-time virtual learning option for students in grades kindergarten through eight.   Students in grades nine through twelve may apply for the virtual/hybrid-learning option offered through the Lee County Learning Center (LC2).  Qualifying students for LC2 will report to the Salem campus for instruction.

We will continue to follow guidance offered by the Alabama State Department of Education, Alabama Department of Public Health, and the Center for Disease Control to mitigate health concerns and to ensure we are making the most informed decisions possible as it relates to safety and wellness.


James E. McCoy, SuperintendentIn person Learning