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    Carol Givens - Manager

      We Strive to serve healthy, nutritious meal each day for the students, for breakfast & lunch. Check the Menu for our daily meals. Please note that the menu is subject to change without notice, due to deliveries. In addition to the items listed for lunch students may also choose to have a salad, or  a wrap. Which is available everyday. The prices for our meals are as follows:

    2021-2022 Meal Prices

    Breakfast Prices  Lunch Prices
    Students (PreK - 12th Grade) $1.50 Elementary Students (PreK-6th Grade) $2.00
    REDUCED Plan (PreK-12th Grade) $.30 Secondary Students (7th-12th Grade) $2.40
    Visiting Child $2.00 REDUCED Plan Lunch $.40
    Visiting Adult $2.75 Visiting Child $3.25
    Employees $2.00 Visiting Adult $4.00
      Employees $3.25

    A la cart items are also available for various prices.

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