• Miscellaneous

    Birthday party and/or other invitations cannot be handed out at school. BIRTHDAY PARTIES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE CAFETERIA. You may bring cupcakes or cookies for your child’s birthday to the cafeteria with the teacher’s consent.

    We do not accept flowers/balloon deliveries or gifts for our students.

    Communication: We utilize many different modes of communication such as daily folders, newsletters, our sign in front of the school, phone calls and e-mail. To e-mail your child’s teacher use: teacher’s last name.first name.@lee.k12.al.us.

    Hope Room: The hours are 8:00—2:00 Mon—Fri. If you would like to volunteer for projects such as the Hope Room or duty free lunch, please see someone in the office.

    Classroom Visits: Parents are not allowed to visit in the classroom (except special events) unless approved by the administration.