• Webmaster Resources

    Below is a series of videos to help guide you through some of the more routine tasks you will be asked to perform as webmaster of your school's website and/or as editor of your teacher section.  If you have a question that is not addressed below and you are a teacher, please contact your school webmaster (generally the Media Specialist); if you are the school webmaster and you need assistance, please email me and I will be happy to help out.

    Picture of Blackboard Ally Logo that links to the Lee County Ally Resources Section

1. Website Terminology

2. Teacher Section Overview

3. Assigning Editors to Sections

4. Calendar App

5. Updating the Homepage Photo Gallery

6. Photo Gallery App for Other Pages

7. Creating a New Page, Changing Its Layout, and Adding Apps

8. Content App - Adding a Hyperlink

9. Content App - Uploading a Document

10. Content App - Uploading a Picture

11. File Library App

12. Link Library App

13. Headlines and Features App

14. Embed Code App vs. Content App's Embed Code Feature

15. Creating Sections and/or Pages That Exclusively Link Elsewhere

16. Embedding PowerPoint Presentations

17. Google Folder App

18. Multimedia Gallery

19. Announcements App

20. Accordion App

Accordian App Modification Code

  • Instructions for Using Code

  • Modification Code Itself

21. Tabbed Content App

Tabbed Content App Modification Codes