• Behavior

    Students are expected to be respectful to their teacher, their peers, and the equipment in the classroom at all times. Negative student behavior will be handled accordingly in a discipline ladder system.

    • First Offense: Parental Contact via Phone or Email
    • Second Offense: Silent Lunch Detention
    • Third Offense: Before School Detention
    • Fourth Offense: Discipline Referral to School Administration

    Please note that major offenses may require immediate office referral. 

  • Cell Phones

     Students will be required to turn their cell phones in at the beginning of each class. A hanging cell phone holder is provided and each student is given a number to put his/her cell phone in everyday. One random day a week cell phones will be checked, and any student with a cell phone in their assigned pocket will receive five extra points on an assignment that was completed that week. 


    Students may be asked to use their cell phones during the class period, but that is to the teacher's discretion.


    Any cell phone usage that is not sanctioned by the teacher will result in confiscation of the cell phone for the remainder of the day.

  • Flexible Seating

    Our class has a variety of flexible seating options. We will begin the school year with assigned seats, but hopefully as the year progresses students will have the option to choose which seating option they feel best supports their success in the classroom. The following are the flexible seating rules that we will follow in the classroom:

    1. Choose a working spot that helps you do your best. Pick a smart seat.
    2. Use seats appropriately. Sit correctly.
    3. If a spot is not working for you, move to a better spot. Work hard.
    4. Take good care of the community supplies. Clean up nicely.
    5. Mrs. Keith can move anyone at anytime. Follow directions.

    This type of seating is a reward for students that follow directions and WORK HARD! Any students who fail to do so will be seated in normal school desks.

  • Absences/Late Work

    Students are responsible for every assignment completed in class whether they are absent or not. If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to see the teacher the day they return to get the assignment(s) that he/she missed. This assignment is then required for homework to be turned in the following day. 


    Late work is NOT accepted. Every assignment done in class progressively builds towards more difficult assignments. Work has to be completed in a timely fashion in order to understand the next assignment. Any work not turned in will result in a zero in the grade book.