For personal checks, we require the guidelines listed below:

    •1. The check must be made out to: EAST SMITHS STATION

    ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  If the check is for lunch money please make the check out to ESSES LUNCHROOM.

    •2. We CANNOT accept a check that shows only a P.O. BOX address.  A STREET or ROAD number and home telephone number are required and when possible a driver's license number.

    •3. We CANNOT accept checks that are "PARTIAL PAYMENT", "POST-DATED", or "TWO-PARTY".

    If the above criteria are not met, the school will return the check to you, with an explanation, for re-issuance.

    Should a "Personal Check" be returned to us from the bank, the following procedure will be initiated:

    •1. A notice of the returned check will be sent by REGISTERED OR CERTIFIED mail, return receipt requested.  This notice gives you TEN (10) days from the date of the notice to pay the returned check plus a $30.00 service charge.  Restitution of a returned check must be made with either CASH or MONEY ORDER.

    •2. Should the "RETURNED" check not be paid within the TEN days, we will request the services of the WORTHLESS CHECK UNIT of the Lee County District Attorney's Office, where we will sign an affidavit charging the writer with issuing a worthless check.  At this point the Worthless Check Unit takes over and we at ESSES can no longer accept restitution for the check.

    We sincerely hope all of our parents will understand the necessity of establishing this policy.  We process thousands of personal checks each school year of which approximately 10% are returned and uncollectible.  If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact our bookkeeper, Mrs. KaQuina Adkins (ESSES) at 664-4061.