Students at East Smiths Station Elementary School will follow the Discipline / Code of Conduct rules as stated in the Policies and Master Discipline Plan for Lee County Schools.  In addition, the following rules apply:  

    1. Do not bring chewing gum to school.  This rule helps maintain cleanliness of the school floors and furniture.

    2. Do not write on any walls or destroy school property in any manner.  This causes permanent damage.  You may be required to pay for any damages.

    3. Bathroom times will be determined by the teachers and will be enough for the students.  Doctors' medical excuses for special restroom privileges will be honored.  The excuses must contain appropriate recommendations for the school and relevant dates.

    4. Faculty, staff, and students are to be respected - at ALL times.

    5. Toys and other such items are not allowed at East Smiths Station Elementary School.  These items can be a distraction and can be easily lost.  These items will be confiscated by the teacher and may not be returned to the student.

    6.  Shoes with wheels are not permitted.