Please review the following rules with your children.  Following these rules will help us insure the safety of all of our students.  

    •1. The student drop off and pick up area is in front of the school ONLY.  No vehicles other than faculty, delivery trucks, and buses are allowed in the bus entrance.

    •2. Teachers will escort their students to the car pick up area.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO TO THE BUS LOADING AREA TO LOCATE YOUR CHILD.  DO NOT PARK YOUR CAR, GET OUT, AND ATTEMPT TO WALK OVER TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD.  Teachers have been instructed by the principal to walk the students to the cars.

    •3. Parents are not allowed to wait in the halls for student pick-up.  This is for the safety of everyone.

    •4. Students are not allowed to check out early to avoid the car line.  Check outs to avoid the car line will be considered unexcused.  Excessive tardies, check outs, and absences are reported to the Central Office for the Early Warning Program.  YOU MUST HAVE A CHECKOUT SLIP FROM THE OFFICE TO PARK IN THE EXCUSED CHECKOUT PARKING LOT.

    •5. Cars must stay in the car line and follow proper procedures.  Cars may not drive between parked cars, drive against traffic, or move while students are loading.  At 2:30 PM car traffic comes to a halt.  Emergency exit from the car line requires the assistance of the administration.