EMERGENCIES- Weather and other conditions or situations may necessitate certain measures to be taken.  If school personnel have prior planning that your child is to be sent home early on a given day, you will receive a notice at least a day prior to early release.  When situations create severe weather, buses will be called in and students will be sent home at the direction of the superintendent.  Closure information will be delivered to local media and internet sources.  Car rider parents will receive a phone call.  Students will be placed in the hall when the Emergency Weather System tells of a Tornado Warning.  Your child is safer at school than at home in most instances so please do not try to come check them out under these conditions.  

    CONFERENCES- Conferences may be initiated by administrators, teachers, or parents.  Parents may arrange conferences by calling the office and requesting a time and date.  Note that ESSES operates on central time.  Some conferences may be required by the administration.  If your child has been suspended from school and you cannot make a required conference for reinstatement, do NOT send the student back until you make arrangements for a new conference.  Special education teachers or our counselors may call other conferences.  Please, try to attend any conferences you ask for or are asked to attend.  Schedule your conferences ahead of time, as teachers are not allowed to use class time for impromptu conferences.